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Sentence Mitigation



                                A TEAM APPROACH IN THE DEVELOPMENT  
                                      OF A SENTENCE MITIGATION REPORT                    

                       Corporate Office:   332 South Michigan Avenue
                                                                                Suite 1032 -  S259
Chicago, Illinois  60604

                               4700 E. Thomas Road, Suite 205                     9454 Wilshire Blvd
                               Phoenix, Arizona  85018                                   Beverly Hills, Ca.  90210
                               602.240.2240                                                       800.856.9793

                                                                                 Miami, Florida



Staff:    Jack M. Fritz, Ph.D. 
              David Fruchtman, Ph.D.   
              Rosemarie A. Urbanski, MFS


Jack M. Fritz, Ph.D.
Executive Director                                                                          

Dr. Fritz has been involved in the criminal justice system for over forty years, and has a unique perspective of the criminal justice system.  He is well aware of the number of innocent people found guilty for crimes they never committed.  In addition, he believes that there are alternative methods of punishment and that incarceration should only be used in extraordinary cases, i.e., crimes of extreme violence, and repeat offenders.  Most people incarcerated are either drug offenders, people who are suffering from mental illness, or people who do not have the resources for the best counsel available.  The less money a defendant can spend for legal representation; the less likely they will be successful defending and mitigating their charges.

Dr. Fritz is a former member of the Chicago Police Department, Special Operations Group, and a former  Counterintelligence Special Agent, US Department of Defense (DOD).  In his law enforcement capacity, he has performed complex criminal and counterintelligence investigations.  It is his law enforcement background that allows him to see the "whole" picture.  He is able to analyze the police reports, the methods of interrogation, and the handling of evidence.  This can be important when you are looking for sentence mitigation.

Dr. Fritz,  is a former adjunct professor at Ottawa University, where he taught advanced courses in abnormal psychology, psychological test and measurements and criminal justice.  In addition, Dr. Fritz has been administering forensic neurophysiological (polygraph) examinations for over thirty years, which has resulted in the exoneration of innocent defendants in cases involving child molestation, rape, homicide, burglary, and other major crimes.

Dr. Fritz has a doctorate degree in criminology/human services, a master of science degree in emotional disturbance, and a undergraduate degree in psychology.  He has been appointed by criminal courts to administer forensic polygraph examinations, neuropsychological assessments and evaluations, sentence mitigation reports, and comprehensive background investigations.  

Dr. Fritz has an extensive background in neuropsychological screening, mild head injury assessment, child neuropsychological assessment and intervention, advanced training in human clinical neuropsychology, evaluation of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, topographic brain mapping, quantitative electroencephalography (Qeeg), auditory/visual evoked potentials, and clinical behavioral modification.  He also has specialized training and certification in forensic interviewing techniques, and criminal investigations.  Dr. Fritz is licensed by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation and the Arizona Department of Public Safety  as a private investigator, and is a full member of the American Psychological Association and the International Association of Correctional and Forensic Psychologists.


Dr. Fruchtman has worked in the criminal justice system for over thirty years.  He is the former director of the Arizona Office of Special Investigations, where he was the lead investigator in over 100 homicide investigations.  He is currently a college professor in criminal justice, and on the faculty of several colleges and universities.  Dr. Fruchtman has a doctoral degree in clinical psychology, and holds a master of science degree in criminal justice from the University of Alabama, and a masters of forensic science degree from National University.  Dr. Fruchtman has been court qualified as an expert in criminal investigations, polygraph and sentencing mitigation evaluations.  He has been appointed by various courts to act as an advocate for defendants. Dr. Fruchtman is a licensed private investigator, and is a certified criminal investigator.

Dr. Fruchtman's masters degree thesis, "An Examination of Presentence Investigative Procedures and Issues,"  is a comprehensive thesis on sentence mitigation investigations, and was presented to the American Society of Criminology.  His thesis has also been published in the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation.  Dr. Fruchtman is a full member of the American Psychological Association and the National Polygraph Association.


Ms. Urbanski is a board certified forensic scientist and forensic polygraph examiner.  Ms. Urbanski has an undergraduate degree in psychology, and a master of forensic science degree from National University.  Ms. Urbanski has been preparing and assisting in the formulation of sentencing mitigation reports, and neuropsychological examinations since 1997.  She spent a two year internship with the Neurophysiological Institute, where she worked with children and adults with brain injuries, as well as those experiencing behavioral and emotional problems.  Ms. Urbanski has been qualified as an "expert" in state and federal courts throughout the United States, and has provided her expertise to federal and county public defenders.  In addition, Ms. Urbanski is a certified forensic polygraph examiner, with full membership in the American Polygraph Association, and the National Polygraph Association. 

Ms. Urbanski, has been an adjunct professor in forensic science and sentencing mitigation investigations, at a local college since 1999. 

Ms. Urbanski, is a licensed private investigator and a certified criminal investigator.

If you are looking for a comprehensive sentencing mitigation report, please feel free to call us at 312.835.8765, or our toll free number 800.856.9793.

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